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The Story of RIE!

Welcome Everyone! I will tell You... The Story of RIE! (Research Innovation, and Evaluation)

Long, ago, upon the epicists of time there sat a tiny village. And the village was surrounded by great and mighty waters.

And the fierce winds beat upon the waters, and thereby ravished the inhabitants of the deep sea.

So, the ancients of the village who were also gifted to sit upon the sky, said to one another.

Let us uplift the great anchor of wisdom and call the Fish Out of Water (FO2W).  

And when they ARE safely upon the land, we shall teach them Research, Innovation, and Evaluation (RIE).

And RIE the Researcher of the ancients began to speak.

Saying, in the days of old, there was a Great Roman emperor named Marcus Aurelius, who once said,

All men need when they come to the earth is education.  Thus We, must “teach them or bear with them.”

This Decree of RIE went forth!

Today we, (both you and RIE), become fishermen in search of participants for the Anchor’s Up Program.

Just as our ancestors before us, we are charged with the task of teaching and guiding others towards “Positive Youth Development”.

We are RIE, Coordinators of Research Innovation, and Evaluation. Together … WE will explore and record the Epicists of Our time.

Give this blog a “Thumbs Up” if you agree to this decree!

And Again, Welcome!  

To the Fish Out of Water, Career Development Solutions Inc.

Anchors UP! After-School Program!

Angela E. Howard
Coordinator, Research Innovation and Evaluation
Fish Out of Water Inc.
Career Development Solutions


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