Start preparing for the career you want. CAP can help you plan for college and find funding to cover tuition and other expenses.

The College Anchor Program (CAP)

CAP prepares middle and high school students for college success. Learn the importance of good study skills, goal setting, and college choice knowledge. Sessions are led by experienced counselors, mentors, along with staff from local universities, community colleges, and service agencies.

Increase Your Knowledge about College Choices

CAP will increase college choice knowledge for you and your parents or guardians. The program covers:

  • Academic planning
  • Goal setting
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • College choice information

Through the CAP program, you can:

  • Attend college choice symposiums during Fall, Spring and Summer breaks
  • Take trainings to help you transition successfully to college.
  • Get support from mentors who will assist you during the college transition process.
  • Attend college/university campus tours and cultural trips.