Who We Are

We empower youth as they navigate life’s transitions.

Fish Out of Water (FO₂W) is an innovative 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to meet the needs of individuals who are in transition. Transitions and change are constant. We view transition as a necessary means to personal success. FO₂W through dynamic out of school programming and support prepares youth to develop optimal wellness and healthy futures.

Our Mission

It is the aim of FO₂W to produce healthy and productive youth of the future. We promote social and emotional wellbeing through the development of relationship building skills and wellness among youth affected by poverty and trauma. 

It is our goal that all youth will achieve optimal wellness along with academic success thus becoming productive and economically viable citizens.

Our Goals

FO₂W subscribes to the belief that if you give a man a fish he eats for a day but TEACH him to fish and he eats a life-time.

Our organizational goals include:

  • Training individuals utilizing interactive and relevant instructional technologies.
  • Engaging participants in structured age-appropriate and trauma informed support services.
  • Assessing individuals to assist them in establishing social, academic, and personal goals.
  • Coaching individuals to build confidence in their ability to become their best self.
  • Hooking individuals on the concept that self-empowerment is a positive alternative to poverty.