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Promise Yourself

Promise yourself that you’ll be the best you’ll ever be. Promise yourself that when you make mistakes (because you are human and it happens), you would not be hard on yourself.  Promise yourself that as you grow in life, you will enjoy every moment little or big. Promise yourself that when you accomplish something, you will celebrate it and don’t wait for others to celebrate you. Promise yourself that when you have a joyful moment, hold onto it. Promise yourself that when there is darkness around you, you turn on the light that is within you. Promise yourself that when you wake up in the morning, that you will remind yourself that you are enough, worthy, important, loved, beautiful/ handsome, and even more great things. Promise yourself that you will always find a way when there is no way. Promise and Remind yourself that there is someone out there that loves you just the way you are and his name is God. Promising yourself is important in an individual’s life. When it seems like people are breaking promises around, promise yourself. Even if you break your own promise, it’s okay. Get up and keep moving and forgive yourself. No one in this life is perfect. We are all human, which means we make mistakes. Do not be hard on yourself when things go wrong. Remind yourself that no matter what happens, no matter what mistakes take place, and no matter what people say, YOU are HUMAN. FORGIVE YOURSELF. PROMISE YOURSELF that you will try your best every day.

Here are some tips:

Write some sticky notes that say things like:

  • You are beautiful/handsome
  • You are enough
  • You are loved
  • You are AMAZING
  • You are worthy
  • You are strong
  • You are smart
  • ETC

And place the sticky notes that you come up with and put them in places around you, for example, on your mirror, in your car, on your closet door, around your TV, etc. The best part is that YOU make the choice. Do what is best for you!

  • Take a day out of the 7 days in a week and spend time with yourself
    • Take yourself out on a date, watch a movie, have a lovely dinner, go shopping.
    • ENJOY being around yourself and spoil yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!!
  • Journal!!!
    • Write a letter to yourself
    • Write about your dreams
    • Write about your goals (short- term & long- term)
    • Write about your likes and dislikes

Here’s a link to a “About Me” Journal you can purchase to help learn more about YOU.


Dominique Phelps
FSU BSW Anchors Up! Program Mentor